10 Web Design Tips Everyone Benefits From

An estimated 10% of the population has dyslexia. That’s 32.9 million Americans and 764 million people worldwide. Researchers suggest the numbers could actually be much higher, many people simply go undiagnosed. Either way, we know there are hundreds of millions of people with dyslexia.

We also know dyslexia is not something children grow out of, rather a difficulty adults learn to cope with. As a designer, this means we can expect around 10% of our users to require certain design considerations to ensure an adequate user experience. …

7 Simple Steps to Increase Web Conversion

Websites with great conversion rates, have one thing in common — at their very core, is great copy.

I am a big advocate of copy first web design. A beautiful website, with bad copy, is a bad website. But an ugly website, with great copy, is a great website. And a beautiful website, with great copy, is an amazing website.

When we think about copy for a website, our ultimate goal is conversion, i.e., getting the user to take the action you want them to take on your website. …

If you’re a freelancer, or even an agency, and you’re struggling with scope creep, frustrated clients, or timelines dragging on with your web development projects, the first thing you should look at is your process around copywriting.

The copy is one of those things that seems so simple. After all, it’s not like it’s coding or graphic design. But the truth is nothing derails a project faster than copy.

I’ve worked on grassroots websites and enterprise websites — I’ve worked with huge teams, agencies, and I’ve worked solo. …

Mac & PC Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

I know, I know — keyboard shortcuts sound so nerdy, and you’re a graphic designer, not an IT Director, why should you learn keyboard shortcuts?

There are two really good reasons a graphic designer should learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up their workflow:

1. Shortcuts keep you in “The Zone”.

When you’re in your creative zone, your computer is both your tool and obstacle to making what’s in your head a reality. Dragging your mouse around the screen, searching for menu items, clicking here and then there — they may not seem like a big deal, but they’re points of friction in your creative process.

2. When you work faster, you make more.

Many freelance…

It’s Time To Take Control

Last year, I wrote about how to recession-proof your freelance business in hopes of helping freelancers prepare for an inevitable recession. Recessions are to be expected….a global pandemic sending the economy into freefall and countries into isolation is much less expected. The true outcomes and repercussions of our current historical events caused by Coronavirus(COVID-19) are still unknown, and the unknown is scary.

In addition to social distancing, I’m sure many freelancers are noticing what I call, client distancing.

Many companies and small businesses are freezing budgets, laying off staff, and doing their best to stay on life support as the…

The 3 Things Every Website Needs To Thrive

You just built a website for a client, and everyone is thrilled it’s done. The nuances of UX/UI, SEO, and copywriting were more than the client, or maybe you, expected. Likely, a few too many cooks got in the kitchen and things got awkward. Maybe timelines were delayed, or additional costs were incurred. Nonetheless, everyone’s excited it’s done and are ready to pop open the champaign and watch the leads come pouring in.

…If only it was that easy.

Unfortunately, building the website isn’t the hard part. …

Can You Survive The Upcoming Recession As A Freelancer?

Rumor has it, we’re heading into a recession. Economist are torn between whether or not it will happen in 2020 or 2021, but either way, no one seems to disagree it’s going to happen.

For many millennials like myself, we’re still wearing our scars from the 2008 recession, but are starting to find our stride. Can we survive another recession?

Recessions are hard for everyone. But they are particularly nasty for freelancers.

For freelancers, work will decrease, and the competition will increase. People will lose their jobs and be forced to turn to freelance hungry for work.

Not The Good Ones — Here’s Why.

When I was pursuing my degree in graphic design, my advisor strongly urged me to consider a degree in print production — claiming it was more stable and had more job opportunities than design careers. This was 2005, we still had no idea how big and powerful the digital age was.

Here in 2019, I’ve been pretty proud of myself for steering away from the floundering industry of print and opting for the more digital prevalent trend of graphic design.

However, as we reach 2020, the design industry isn’t feeling as cush as it once did. Logos and ads can…

3 Reasons To Leave A Client And How

Whether an agency or a freelancer, most careers begin by taking on a lot of work for little pay. Without a strong portfolio to start, many clients are taking a risk to work with you; as a result, you cut the price and raise the expectations, hoping for either a great review and portfolio project or more work down the road. Eventually, as you grow in your career, you start to bill more and more appropriately to your worth and wonder how on earth you ever took on such a project for little pay.

It is in these early stages…

How To Increase Satisfaction While Reducing Mockups and Revisions

Every time I start a design project, I set an initial number of mockup options I’ll plant to present. Depending on the project, I like to offer 2–5 options. But when I first started my design career, I’d offer 10, which would quickly lead to 15 or 20. And this was terrible…for everyone.

My problem was I wanted to explore ALL of the options, and I wanted my clients to have every scenario they could imagine to choose from. My approach was fear-based — I felt that statistically speaking, if I created enough options, surely there’d be something they like.

Stephanie Asmus

Austin-based designer, writer, entreprenuer and frequent flyer. www.stephasmus.com | IG/@stephasmus

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