How to Get Conversions With Your Copy

The 5 Elements Your Content Needs To Be Effective

Don’t blow it!

You have your audience’s attention — what are you going to do with it? A major mistake companies make is assuming users know exactly what they should do on their site.

Guide them.

1. Problem

You know the problem your user has, but they might not. Or they might not realize that YOU can actually solve this problem they have.

2. Solution

You’ve identified the problem for you and your user, now you need to tell them you have a solution. Identify what your solution is. Identify how your solution solves the problem. It’s really that easy.

3. Benefits

Maybe you have a lot of competitors in your industry, and your potential customer has a lot of options for solutions to this problem of theirs — what makes your solution different and better? What are the benefits to your product?

4. Call-to-Action

Ok, you got your audience to your site. You showed them the problem they’re having and how you can solve it with all these great benefits they weren’t expecting…but now what?

5. Social Proof

Have you heard of the story of The Shed at Dulwich? The Shed at Dulwich doesn’t exist, it was a spoof restaurant in London. A guy started making fake social proof for his “restaurant” (which was just a shed in his backyard) online and before long real people were making reviews for a restaurant that they’d never been to and getting put on a fake wait list for reservations months away. Eventually the reviews snowballed and it was ranked ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN LONDON. We’re not talking some small village in Europe; we’re talking London, a world hub of fine cuisine. World-class chefs were raving about this restaurant…

Have any questions?

Identifying and communicating the problem, solution, benefit, action and social proof is the foundation to how you should communicate with your customers and prospects. There are of course several ways to execute, and other gems you can include — but if you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed, start with these basics.

Austin-based designer, writer, entreprenuer and frequent flyer. | IG/@stephasmus

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